Managing Commercial Maintenance Agreements

Ruth King at HVACR Business Management Magazine offers great advice on six actions you must take to increase your maintenance customer base.  Offering these preventive maintenance/service agreement contracts to your customers helps customers avoid equipment outages, helps them increase the lifespan of their equipment, and helps you strengthen the relationship with your customers.

Whether your goal is to sell to Commercial or Residential customers, the Preventive Maintenance/Service Agreements add-on module for Intuit Field Service Management will help you and your team deliver on those service contracts and manage billing through our integration with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Edition.


Map view of pending service agreement visits

Get More Business – This module enables you to set up recurring work orders based on the contract you sell to the customer–intervals of weekly, monthly, seasonally, and just about anything in-between (such as every third Monday at 9:15am) are available. The module also alerts staff about upcoming contract renewals.

You define a list of services that need to be provided as a checklist. You then associate the different pieces of equipment at the customer site to each checklist and service interval.  For example, you may perform a “5-point winter checklist” on a roof-top unit annually in the late autumn, and perform a different “10-point spring checklist” on the same unit annually before the start of summer. Your technicians see the appropriate checklist on their Field Service Management mobile app (works on all Android and all Apple devices), as well as equipment attributes.  The equipment attributes area is designed to track serial numbers, warranty information, as well as update information regarding pressure readings, equipment conditions, etc. and monitor trends over time.

Scheduling Made Easy – This module auto-creates work orders based on the intervals you define.  Work orders with recurring appointment times can be assigned directly to preferred technicians who are most familiar with the customer’s equipment.  Work orders can also be created as “to be assigned” and “to be scheduled”, and then viewed as a list (such as by Zip code) and geographically on the map.  Your service manager/dispatcher can easily see which service techs are in the area and available–and assign accordingly.

Get Paid Faster – This module allows you to define three different payment methods, all integrated with your QuickBooks.  You can collect a fixed amount for each visit (such as $99 for each seasonal check-up), and collect a fixed amount on the next visit.   The third option is to have the module rely upon a “memorized transaction” inside QuickBooks, whereby you can provide service on one schedule and invoice for payment on a separate frequency (such as invoice $25 per month throughout the year for the Preventive Maintenance Agreement while providing service quarterly).  Also, the module instructs your technicians to apply a discount to the customer invoice (if that is part of the contract).  Integration with QuickBooks adjusts your inventory accordingly (such as by technician truck).

Update Your Customers  – the Customer Notifications feature within Field Service Management sends a message to your customer regarding their upcoming appointment and keeps them updated throughout the process.

Watch this demonstration to learn more about the Preventive Maintenance/Service Agreement module for Intuit Field Service Management!


QuickBooks 2015 is Here!

Intuit released QuickBooks 2015 today!  The Integration Client for Intuit Field Service Management is fully supported with QBv15.  Note:  your QuickBooks itself has a new QB icon (new branding for QuickBooks).

QuickBooks 2015

Apple iOS 8 Alert

Attention Apple iPhone and iPad users:  Install the new FSM app before you upgrade to iOS8

Update of 9/15/14: Apple has approved the updated FSM App for release on the Apple App Store and it is available for download!  Install the updated FSM app and then you can upgrade to the new iOS8.

(Originally posted 9/3/14):  Industry experts anticipate Apple will release the newest operating system for all iPhones and iPads on September 9, 2014.  In our test lab Corrigo has identified some issues for our app running on the forthcoming iOS8.  The current “version” of the Intuit Field Service Management mobile appears to work correctly on iPhone running iOS8 but is having issues on iPads running iOS8.  We have submitted a new version of our mobile app to Apple, which we expect to be released by Apple in two weeks.

Corrigo recommends your mobile techs WAIT and install the new IFSM mobile app PRIOR to upgrading to iOS8.  Questions?  Email  We will update this article when our IFSM mobile app works on iOS8.

apple logo

Newsletter Excerpt: Using the Search Tool

Have you tried the Search tool on ? Search function

Our website contains Setup and Training videos, helpful “tips from the trenches”, and much more!

Do you have questions about scheduling, Dispatching, making Quotes in the field, Mobile payments, Inventory tracking, Signature capture, Apple and Android devices?

It’s easy to find what you need!  First, start at the top of the screen to access our Getting Started page and our listing of Local Experts in FSM+QuickBooks.  Second, check out the left-side menu for popular pages, such as the link to our Lunch & Learn video series, and instructions on how to Update User Count when you purchase more FSM users.

Sometimes the fastest way to locate an answer is via our Search tool in the Upper Right corner of  Here is a list of Top 5 most popular searches:

  • Setup Videos (shows a complete listing of videos)
  • Offline (shows an article about what techs can do “offline”)
  • Credit Card (shows an article about integration between FSM and QuickBooks Merchant Services)
  • Popular Devices (shows popular phones and tablets)
  • Updating User Count (how to get your new licenses to show up inside FSM)

Try the Search tool today!  Modify your search terms if you don’t find your answer on the first try.  Email me if you’d like to request a particular topic for our website!

Updated Field Service Management video library

We’re very excited to report the demonstration videos and training videos for Intuit Field Service Management are now hosted on our own Vimeo site!

You can access the complete list or you can access “albums” containing videos covering particular topics based on phases customers encounter while deploying Field Service Management.

Intuit Field Service Management Video Albums

Intuit Field Service Management “Channel”


Scaling New Heights

Each year over 1,000 Intuit Pro Advisors and Resellers converge at “Scaling New Heights” for four days of in-depth training in QuickBooks and other Intuit products.  Corrigo’s presentation this year will be two-fold training.  First, training on positioning and selling Intuit Field Service Management with QB, Merchant Services, Intuit Payroll, and Advanced Inventory.  Second, a panel discussion with three of our Local Experts to share “tips from the trenches” and how to partner for success.  See you in San Antonio!!



Service Techs: Using the Intuit Field Service Management Mobile App

For your service & installation technicians: How to use Intuit Field Service Management mobile app on Apple iphone/ipad or Android phone/tablets to access appointments, update work order status, access service history, capture photos, capture customer signatures, create invoices, and take payments in the field that integrate with QuickBooks back in your office.


Pre-Sync Checklist

Please review this list of potential clean-up areas prior to your initial synchronization between QuickBooks and Intuit Field Service Management (FSM).

Download this Pre-Sync Checklist: QB File Clean Up


Lunch and Learn Webinar Series: Getting the most from the Work Order Wizard

To be held live on Friday April 11, 2014starts promptly at 9AM PT (Noon ET)

Register in advance to attend this free training webinar!

We’re off to see the Wizard!” We’ll help you get the most from the Work Order Wizard by walking you every step of the way through the three-step process, exploring options and settings you might not have previously used.  This session is intended for your Service Managers and Dispatchers.  Whether you are new to Intuit Field Service Management, or a seasoned veteran, we think this session will provide something new for everyone!

The presentation will last about 20 minutes, followed by about 15 minutes of live Q&A.  You will be able to watch on your PC via the GoToMeeting software and listen via a long distance phone call. You will also be able to ask questions.  Note: it is called a “Lunch and Learn” because you can learn some cool stuff while you have lunch (bring your own).  If you are unable to attend, the session will be recorded for future playback.


This webinar was recorded and is archived online as part of our Lunch & Learn series here.





Updated Login Access Reminder

As a reminder Corrigo strongly recommends you access your Intuit Field Service Management directly via

While you may continue to login to Intuit App Center and then click the IFSM icon we strongly recommend you switch to using the direct login URL; Bookmark it and add it to your “Favorites”:

Lastly, by “Following” this blog we can keep you up to date.  Click the “Follow” button in the lower right corner of your screen.

Questions?  Call 800-517-2871


Lunch and Learn webinar series: How to Backdate work orders

To be held live on Friday March 7, 2014starts promptly at 9AM PT (Noon ET)

Register in advance to attend this free training webinar!  You’ll learn how to “backdate” work orders inside Intuit Field Service Management.

The presentation will last about 20 minutes, followed by about 15 minutes of live Q&A.  You will be able to watch on your PC via the GoToMeeting software and listen via a long distance phone call. You will also be able to ask questions.  Note: it is called a “Lunch and Learn” because you can learn some cool stuff while you have lunch (bring your own).

See our complete list of previous topics in the Lunch And Learn Webinar series here:


App Update for Apple users (phones and tablets)

We’ve updated our Intuit Field Service Management app today to provide additional GPS data regarding your field technicians.  To take advantage of the new features, your techs will need to click on the “App Store” icon on their mobile device and then click “Update” on the Intuit Field Service Management app.

iOS app update for Intuit Field Service Management

Details:  The latest version of 6.x iPhone ( contains two GPS settings; active and passive.

Passive is the default. This mode allows our application to sleep when not in use which results in less reliable GPS fixes. When the phone is in motion passive mode fixes are as accurate as active mode. However when stationary the phone will sometimes stop getting fixes and when the phone starts moving again it may fail to get fixes. For example, if you drive home at night the fixes will likely stop at some point in time after you arrive home and will probably only start again when you leave the next morning 50% of the time.

Active mode prevents our application from sleeping most of the time. This tends to solve the issues described above but at a cost of much higher battery drain. When using active mode we have seen on an iPhone 4 as much as 10% battery drain per hour. When using active mode you will definitely have to charge your phone at least once a day.

We recommend to start by using passive mode and then only switch to active mode if the gaps in fixes are not tolerable.  These settings are accessed inside the mobile device itself by clicking the Settings App and scrolling down to and click the Intuit Field Svc listing, then click on “Use location data” and select the desired option.

To learn more about GPS tracking of Field Service Technicians, check out our article “Where are my Field Technicians?

AHRExpo – Booth 7250: Corrigo Work Order Network, QuickBooks, and Field Service Management

Property managers, facility managers, and service providers are attending the 2014 AHRExpo in New York City, Jan 21-24 2014.  Visit the Account Ability booth #7250 to:

  • Learn how commercial Property and Facility Managers use the Work Order Network to manage and assign all types of work orders to multiple vendors (service providers)
  • See how Service Providers (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical) use Intuit Field Service Management to get more work done through smart scheduling, real-time dispatching, and access to customer & equipment service history—anytime, anyplace
  • Experience the deep integration between Intuit Field Service Management and QuickBooks Merchant Service and Payroll Services so you can get paid faster and streamline payroll processing
  • Learn how Account Ability, one of Intuit’s Premier Resellers leverages their expertise to help businesses get the most from QuickBooks
  • And more!

Click here to learn more about the Work Order Network and Intuit Field Service Management!

Upgrade Completed

The planned system migration and upgrade was completed successfully last night.
Read more here:

Planned System Maintenance and Upgrade

Planned System Maintenance and Upgrade: Completed

The following was posted January 11th, and updated Friday morning January 17th after upgrade completion:

On the night of Thursday January 16th, 2014 your Intuit Field Service Management (IFSM) was unavailable between 7pm PST and 12am PST. All users were logged out of IFSM as a result of this maintenance activity.

  1. The upgrade streamlines the way customers access IFSM itself.
  2. The upgrade is on the Corrigo server and does not require any updates on your QuickBooks itself.
  3. When your “desktop users” (Admin, Managers, Dispatchers) access IFSM the following morning from Intuit App Center you will see a new web page prompting you to create a new set of IFSM credentials (see below).  These new credentials will allow you to login directly to IFSM using the new URL on Jan 17th:
  4. Once your “desktop users” have created the new credentials on our Workordernetwork server they will be able to access IFSM directly and will no longer need to login to Intuit App Center to access IFSM unless you need to update a user count.  If you need to update a user count (you bought more FSM users and want them to appear inside FSM itself), the FSM Admin himself/herself must log into AppCenter to trigger the license change communication between Intuit to Corrigo.

Again, in order to take advantage of this streamlined access method you must create a new set of IFSM credentials.  Once you have created your credentials you will no longer see screen below.

Importantly your mobile users (Field Techs) will see no change and will continue to login as they always have from their mobile device using the same credentials that they have always used.

The screen users will see when first clicking on the IFSM icon in Intuit App Center

The screen users will see when first clicking on the IFSM icon in Intuit App Center

While you may continue to login to Intuit App Center and then click the IFSM icon we strongly recommend you switch to using the direct login URL; Bookmark it and add it to your “Favorites”:

Lastly, by “Following” this blog we can keep you up to date regarding this upgrade.  Click the “Follow” button in the lower right corner of your screen.

Questions?  Call 800-517-2871

You may also wish to refer to this page so you can print out any work orders planned during the system maintenance and upgrade.


Meet us at AHR Expo 2014, booth #7250

@AHRExpo Come see QuickBooks integrated with Field Service Management at booth #7250 Jan 21-23 in NYC! Account Ability will show you how to “Get more work done, get paid faster, do payroll better!” @corrigoinc

HVAC Expo 2014

Lunch and Learn Webinar: Special Holiday Edition

To be held live on Friday December 20, 2013starts promptly at 9AM PT (Noon ET)

Register in advance to attend this free webinar!  In this free Holiday Special Edition of our Lunch And Learn Webinar Series we’ve invited two special guests as presenters!  Both guests are experts with deploying Intuit Field Service Management with QuickBooks.

John Sandy will present “Using Reports as a Search Tool within FSM”, and Marjorie Adams will present “Overview of Service Packages and Equipment Lists”.   Our Lunch and Learn Webinar Series is designed to help your service and installation business “Get more work done, Get paid faster, and Do payroll better!”

See our complete list of topics in the Lunch And Learn Webinar series here:


Internet Explorer 11 alert for FSM subscribers

Internet Explorer IE 11 is now available for Windows computers.  There are known issues for Field Service Management and Corrigo strongly recommends NOT upgrading to IE 11.  We will have an updgrade to Field Service later this month that will fix all compatibility issues.  Questions?  Contact support at


Popular Devices for Field Service Techs

Which mobile device platforms are the most popular for field service technicians?

Updated research from Corrigo Incorporated shows service technicians using the Intuit Field Service Management app on their mobile device prefer Apple devices.  That said, Android is gaining market share with our customers, mostly at the expense of Blackberry devices.  Click here to view a listing of mobile platforms and available features.

The following data compares the period Oct 16-Oct 23, 2013 to late December 2012 (late 2012 can be found here).

Device Platform 2013 data
2012 data
Apple OS 54% 58%
Android OS 43% 30%
Blackberry OS 3% 11%
Windows Mobile OS 0% 1%

Since the holidays are coming and you might want to buy some new devices for your field service techs, let’s look at the details for the Apple and Android platforms.

Apple platform details:

Popular Apple Devices for Field Service Techs

Android platform details:

For the Android platform (combined smart phones and tablets), we see over 250 different device models!  Only 5 models were used my more than 50 users during the date range.  Samsung is the most popular manufacturer for our users, with a variety of smart phones and tablets.  However, the “ruggedized” Casio G’zOne Commando C771 is the most popular Android device overall, with 120 users during the date range, followed by the Samsung Galaxy SIII and Motorola Droid RAZR with 100+ devices each.

Popular Android Devices for Field Service Techs
Disclaimer: these are based on users who logged into the system during the date range. Those who did not log in via their mobile app were not counted.

Learn more about Intuit Field Service Management for QuickBooks by calling 866-379-6635 or visit

apple logo android-logo-white_jpg

Access Issues

On behalf of Intuit, please accept Corrigo’s apology for the system outages on 10/28 and today 10/29.  Corrigo’s system remained “up” while the AppCenter site (for user authentication) was down, both times.

If you were already logged into FSM when these issue occurred, you were fine.  If you were not already logged in, the failure in the current authentication system locked you out.

Looking forward, Corrigo has been working with Intuit to resolve this problem permanently, as follows.  In late November** Corrigo will migrate our user authentication away from AppCenter and the new authentication system will be managed by Corrigo.  This is good news for you!

We are confident that the changes we are implementing will remove the dependencies causing the current issues and enable you to access our software reliably.


Mike Simons, Channel Sales Manager, Intuit Field Service Management

** Update December 11, 2013: The migration of user access away from AppCenter to Corrigo’s system is taking a little longer than anticipated and should be completed in January 2014.  We will update all customers via this website and via our Digital Dispatch newsletter.  Click the “Follow” link on lower right of this screen to ensure you get notified when this important change is deployed.


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