Announcing IFSM for QBO

Intuit and Corrigo are pleased to announce that QuickBooks Online customers may integrate QBO with Intuit Field Service Management!

Smart scheduling + Customer Service History + Equipment Service History + Real-time Mobile Dispatching + Mobile Payment & Signature Capture + Inventory Integration + More!

It’s easy to connect your QBO to a new “IFSM” subscription:

  1. Log into your QBO account
  2. On the left, click Apps
  3. In the main Apps area, scroll until you locate the Intuit Field Service Management app (blue square with white wrench)72x72hdpi
  4. Buy it at $35 per month per user for the base module (monthly billing, no contract)
  5. Once you are logged into FSM, click on Settings/Company/Integration and edit the integration to “Online” and click the button to connect FSM to QBO. QBO_choice
  6. You will then follow a series of questions related to first-time integration.  Once this has completed you can close the first-time sync window and you then have the two systems integrated!

Rugged phones for Field Service Techs

Corrigo has partnered with Kyocera to offer rugged phones for your Field Service Techs at a great price!  Purchase a new Kyocera rugged smartphone & a corresponding new Field Service Management subscription or billable user and receive a $50 rebate!  This phone is “Bear Tested” by Bear Grylls and withstands scratches, water, dust, drops, and more!  Learn more about the bundle rebate here!


Updated devices listing (Mar 2015)

Updated March 2015: Download it here:


See what your login users can do via our app for Apple devices, Android devices, and via laptop!


Updated Learning Center

We’ve updated the Learning Center for Intuit Field Service Management for QuickBooks, as follows:

  • Content within the Learning Center is now optimized for paid subscriptions and is organized into five areas, from “First Time Login” to “Maximizing Your Subscription”.
  • Evaluation customers using our 7-Day Test Drive have a separate area, including a demonstration video and technical requirements.
  • Features and benefits of Intuit Field Service Management are described on a dedicated set of pages.
dispatchboard 1024 width

Schedule and dispatch Work Orders faster than ever!


Updated FSM mobile app for Apple users

Corrigo updated the mobile application for Intuit Field Service Management and the updated app is available now for Apple devices (iPhones and iPads) via the iStore.  The update is a free download and resolves a few bugs we found.  Have your techs download it today!


Popular Devices: Which smart phones and tablets are most popular with Field Service techs?

popular mobile devices for field service tech Each year Corrigo publishes research on popularity of mobile devices for field service companies.  In late 2013 we reported Android devices were gaining ground on Apple devices.

Our research for early December 2014 data indicates that Android has surpassed Apple in popularity with field service companies.  Click this infographic link to see the statistics on which smart phones and tablets are most popular with Field Service technicians.

Disclaimer: research is based on users who logged into the system during the date range. Those who did not log in via their mobile app were not counted.

Learn more about Intuit Field Service Management for QuickBooks by calling 866-379-6635 or visit

Click to view the field service management research

Click to view our 2014 research on popular devices for field service technicians

Happy New Year from Corrigo and Intuit Field Service Management for QuickBooks!


Calculating Service Technician Performance with Intuit Field Service Management for QuickBooks

We’ve prepared a new short video showing how to calculate who’s been “naughty and nice” on your service team. More specifically, this video shows you how to calculate on-time performance of your service technicians.  Happy holidays!

Announcing the 2015 Corrigo User Conference

Intuit Field Service Management customers:  It’s time to book your spot for the 2015 Corrigo User Conference: Elevate, March 16-18, 2015. We’ll meet at the fabulous Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas for three days of learning, networking and exciting product releases.

Service Providers using Intuit Field Service Management will learn how to get more commercial business on the Corrigo Work Order Network, and enjoy lots of networking with Corrigo’s commercial Service Requestors on the Corrigo Work Order Network!

Early bird registration ends on December 31, 2014!  Learn more and register today!

Corrigo Elevate 2015

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Updated phone number for Intuit Connected Services

Intuit has asked customers using Intuit Field Service Management to use a new phone number when calling Intuit Connected Services.  The new phone number is 800-450-8475, Option 1, then Option 1.  If necessary you may request an “escalation” and service request number for tracking purposes.

If you get stuck, please contact our Corrigo “FSM Support Team” via


Managing Commercial Maintenance Agreements

Ruth King at HVACR Business Management Magazine offers great advice on six actions you must take to increase your maintenance customer base.  Offering these preventive maintenance/service agreement contracts to your customers helps customers avoid equipment outages, helps them increase the lifespan of their equipment, and helps you strengthen the relationship with your customers.

Whether your goal is to sell to Commercial or Residential customers, the Preventive Maintenance/Service Agreements add-on module for Intuit Field Service Management will help you and your team deliver on those service contracts and manage billing through our integration with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Edition.


Map view of pending service agreement visits

Get More Business – This module enables you to set up recurring work orders based on the contract you sell to the customer–intervals of weekly, monthly, seasonally, and just about anything in-between (such as every third Monday at 9:15am) are available. The module also alerts staff about upcoming contract renewals.

You define a list of services that need to be provided as a checklist. You then associate the different pieces of equipment at the customer site to each checklist and service interval.  For example, you may perform a “5-point winter checklist” on a roof-top unit annually in the late autumn, and perform a different “10-point spring checklist” on the same unit annually before the start of summer. Your technicians see the appropriate checklist on their Field Service Management mobile app (works on all Android and all Apple devices), as well as equipment attributes.  The equipment attributes area is designed to track serial numbers, warranty information, as well as update information regarding pressure readings, equipment conditions, etc. and monitor trends over time.

Scheduling Made Easy – This module auto-creates work orders based on the intervals you define.  Work orders with recurring appointment times can be assigned directly to preferred technicians who are most familiar with the customer’s equipment.  Work orders can also be created as “to be assigned” and “to be scheduled”, and then viewed as a list (such as by Zip code) and geographically on the map.  Your service manager/dispatcher can easily see which service techs are in the area and available–and assign accordingly.

Get Paid Faster – This module allows you to define three different payment methods, all integrated with your QuickBooks.  You can collect a fixed amount for each visit (such as $99 for each seasonal check-up), and collect a fixed amount on the next visit.   The third option is to have the module rely upon a “memorized transaction” inside QuickBooks, whereby you can provide service on one schedule and invoice for payment on a separate frequency (such as invoice $25 per month throughout the year for the Preventive Maintenance Agreement while providing service quarterly).  Also, the module instructs your technicians to apply a discount to the customer invoice (if that is part of the contract).  Integration with QuickBooks adjusts your inventory accordingly (such as by technician truck).

Update Your Customers  – the Customer Notifications feature within Field Service Management sends a message to your customer regarding their upcoming appointment and keeps them updated throughout the process.

Watch this demonstration to learn more about the Preventive Maintenance/Service Agreement module for Intuit Field Service Management!


QuickBooks 2015 is Here!

Intuit released QuickBooks 2015 today!  The Integration Client for Intuit Field Service Management is fully supported with QBv15.  Note:  your QuickBooks itself has a new QB icon (new branding for QuickBooks).

QuickBooks 2015

Apple iOS 8 Alert

Attention Apple iPhone and iPad users:  Install the new FSM app before you upgrade to iOS8

Update of 9/15/14: Apple has approved the updated FSM App for release on the Apple App Store and it is available for download!  Install the updated FSM app and then you can upgrade to the new iOS8.

(Originally posted 9/3/14):  Industry experts anticipate Apple will release the newest operating system for all iPhones and iPads on September 9, 2014.  In our test lab Corrigo has identified some issues for our app running on the forthcoming iOS8.  The current “version” of the Intuit Field Service Management mobile appears to work correctly on iPhone running iOS8 but is having issues on iPads running iOS8.  We have submitted a new version of our mobile app to Apple, which we expect to be released by Apple in two weeks.

Corrigo recommends your mobile techs WAIT and install the new IFSM mobile app PRIOR to upgrading to iOS8.  Questions?  Email  We will update this article when our IFSM mobile app works on iOS8.

apple logo

Newsletter Excerpt: Using the Search Tool

Have you tried the Search tool on ? Search function

Our website contains Setup and Training videos, helpful “tips from the trenches”, and much more!

Do you have questions about scheduling, Dispatching, making Quotes in the field, Mobile payments, Inventory tracking, Signature capture, Apple and Android devices?

It’s easy to find what you need!  First, start at the top of the screen to access our Getting Started page and our listing of Local Experts in FSM+QuickBooks.  Second, check out the left-side menu for popular pages, such as the link to our Lunch & Learn video series, and instructions on how to Update User Count when you purchase more FSM users.

Sometimes the fastest way to locate an answer is via our Search tool in the Upper Right corner of  Here is a list of Top 5 most popular searches:

  • Setup Videos (shows a complete listing of videos)
  • Offline (shows an article about what techs can do “offline”)
  • Credit Card (shows an article about integration between FSM and QuickBooks Merchant Services)
  • Popular Devices (shows popular phones and tablets)
  • Updating User Count (how to get your new licenses to show up inside FSM)

Try the Search tool today!  Modify your search terms if you don’t find your answer on the first try.  Email me if you’d like to request a particular topic for our website!

Updated Field Service Management video library

We’re very excited to report the demonstration videos and training videos for Intuit Field Service Management are now hosted on our own Vimeo site!

You can access the complete list or you can access “albums” containing videos covering particular topics based on phases customers encounter while deploying Field Service Management.

Intuit Field Service Management Video Albums

Intuit Field Service Management “Channel”


Scaling New Heights

Each year over 1,000 Intuit Pro Advisors and Resellers converge at “Scaling New Heights” for four days of in-depth training in QuickBooks and other Intuit products.  Corrigo’s presentation this year will be two-fold training.  First, training on positioning and selling Intuit Field Service Management with QB, Merchant Services, Intuit Payroll, and Advanced Inventory.  Second, a panel discussion with three of our Local Experts to share “tips from the trenches” and how to partner for success.  See you in San Antonio!!



Service Techs: Using the Intuit Field Service Management Mobile App

For your service & installation technicians: How to use Intuit Field Service Management mobile app on Apple iphone/ipad or Android phone/tablets to access appointments, update work order status, access service history, capture photos, capture customer signatures, create invoices, and take payments in the field that integrate with QuickBooks back in your office.


Pre-Sync Checklist

Please review this list of potential clean-up areas prior to your initial synchronization between QuickBooks and Intuit Field Service Management (FSM).

Download this Pre-Sync Checklist: QB File Clean Up


Lunch and Learn Webinar Series: Getting the most from the Work Order Wizard

To be held live on Friday April 11, 2014starts promptly at 9AM PT (Noon ET)

Register in advance to attend this free training webinar!

We’re off to see the Wizard!” We’ll help you get the most from the Work Order Wizard by walking you every step of the way through the three-step process, exploring options and settings you might not have previously used.  This session is intended for your Service Managers and Dispatchers.  Whether you are new to Intuit Field Service Management, or a seasoned veteran, we think this session will provide something new for everyone!

The presentation will last about 20 minutes, followed by about 15 minutes of live Q&A.  You will be able to watch on your PC via the GoToMeeting software and listen via a long distance phone call. You will also be able to ask questions.  Note: it is called a “Lunch and Learn” because you can learn some cool stuff while you have lunch (bring your own).  If you are unable to attend, the session will be recorded for future playback.


This webinar was recorded and is archived online as part of our Lunch & Learn series here.





Updated Login Access Reminder

As a reminder Corrigo strongly recommends you access your Intuit Field Service Management directly via

While you may continue to login to Intuit App Center and then click the IFSM icon we strongly recommend you switch to using the direct login URL; Bookmark it and add it to your “Favorites”:

Lastly, by “Following” this blog we can keep you up to date.  Click the “Follow” button in the lower right corner of your screen.

Questions?  Call 800-517-2871


Lunch and Learn webinar series: How to Backdate work orders

To be held live on Friday March 7, 2014starts promptly at 9AM PT (Noon ET)

Register in advance to attend this free training webinar!  You’ll learn how to “backdate” work orders inside Intuit Field Service Management.

The presentation will last about 20 minutes, followed by about 15 minutes of live Q&A.  You will be able to watch on your PC via the GoToMeeting software and listen via a long distance phone call. You will also be able to ask questions.  Note: it is called a “Lunch and Learn” because you can learn some cool stuff while you have lunch (bring your own).

See our complete list of previous topics in the Lunch And Learn Webinar series here:



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